“RAVEN CAIN could contribute to the soundtrack to "Sons Of Anarchy" all alone”  Björn Backes - Power Metal.DE 

“he hits home with his lyrics like a pulpit preacher man whippin’ up a storm accompanied by Houston and Harrison whose respective instruments are both on such fire it can only be through the Lord himself, yes sir.”  SHAN SIVA - Battle Helm 

" Raven is a talented guy who knows his craft inside out, and if this sort of rocking is your thing, then you’ll find it whiskey coated spades right here".  Reviews Round Up 

"The vocals reminded me of early Geoff Tate and Myles Kennedy such was the power and passion." CHRIS STONES - Down The Front Media 

" I think I'll add this to my collection for those rainy Saturday afternoons when you just want to curl up with some great music and a hot toddy." MARIA GLOVER - Down The Front Media 

““Oblivious” is one of the most thought-provoking and diverse Southern rock records of the year. "” Andy Thorley - Maximum Volume Music 

“There is a real come back for this type of sound at the moment within the UK, well this is the real deal guys, not a kid from England.”  Down The Front Media 

““I found he was eager to try anything,” Harrison says of Cain. “His approach ends up making an impact on my approach and vice versa.””  Brian Passey - The Spectrum 

“Unbelievable, someone has finally had the courage to mix two of the greatest music genres on the planet together. Southern Rock and Outlaw Country. No, I am not talking about Hank Williams Jr. or even Lynyrd Skynyrd. I am talking about none other than local musician Raven Cain.”  Sang Kim Lee - Desert Pulse 

““Oblivious,” is expected to be released Dec. 16.”  Matt Soergel - Jacksonville News 

“One of the only artist to get a major recording contract coming out of Southern Utah”  Lee Gilbert - The Desert Pulse 

“There is definitely a sound and feel when you sing and an energy when you perform.” GS - The Desert Pulse 

"The intensity provided a nearly combustible feel to the "Church of Rock" as Raven calls the show."  George Scott - The Independent 

“Raven Cain packs Georges Corner” George Scott - Independent 

“Those that get the opportunity to hear and see him play will undoubtedly see he leaves nothing for reserve by the time he drags himself off the stage for the night--he puts every ounce of himself into the performance.”  George Scott - Independent 

"Raven reminds me of a blend of Hank Jr. and Axl Rose,” Dave Philpot of Flash Magazine said. “He has a certain grit to him that shows in his music, yet at the same time, there is tenderness and passion that you can really feel."  The Independant 

“This will be the first local show for Mister HYDE with new lead singer Raven Cain. Most of Southern Utah has only heard his vocals singing for Outlaw Country. As the winner of the most recent local Country Music Showdown last July, people will be surprised to see another side of his talented range. Once the music starts and he starts singing, it will be no stretch to realize he toured the United States with a hard rock band opening for LA Guns, Henry Rollins, Gwar, Stuck Mojo, and 7 Dust--just to name a few!”  George Scott - The Independant