Raven Cain's journey from a troubled past being raised in a doomsday cult to becoming a captivating and unconventional figure in the music industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Despite the challenges he faced early in life, Raven's determination and resilience propelled him towards a remarkable transformation.
Raven has gained considerable acclaim for his musical abilities. Currently, he is known as the charismatic and eccentric lead vocalist in Six String Revolver. However, he has previously partnered with renowned record labels such as Universal Music Group, solidifying his standing in the music industry. His individual discography consists of an impressive collection of five albums, each highlighting his adaptability and artistic development. Raven's introspective lyrics and heartfelt vocals, influenced by southern rock's bluesy and soulful sounds, have struck a chord with audiences, resulting in numerous chart-topping successes on the 365 music charts.
As a touring musician, Raven has had the privilege of sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Henry Rollins, LA Guns, Sevendust, Bullet Boys, and Ratt, among others. These experiences have allowed him to learn from the best and exposed him to diverse audiences, further expanding his fan base.
Raven's talents extend beyond music, as he has also made a name for himself in Martial Arts, literature, TV shows, and educational documentaries. His unique perspective and philosophical insights have been sought after by various media outlets, leading to appearances and collaborations that have further solidified his status as a captivating and unconventional figure.

Hawkeye Pearce, a well-known musician, and virtuoso known for his technical playing, inspiring solos, and dynamic stage presence. Hawkeye is a veteran musician opening for iconic bands such as Alice Cooper, Great White, Sammy Hagar, Rick Derringer, Trixter, Nazareth, and Alabama. Hawkeye walked the red carpet at the famed VRMA’s with his band, who was nominated as the best entertainers in Las Vegas. According to Raven, Hawkeye is one of the greatest guitarists he has ever had the privilege of sharing the stage with.


Influenced by everything from Men at work to Slip Knot. Chucks favorite bass player is Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath. 

Chuck is  a Veteran of Southern Utah Music scene for over 25 years with multiple bands both original and cover bands. Has released 10 albums that are officially available on Spotify. Bottled Monkey (5), Full Tilt Boogie (2), Swift and Sons, Mountain Top Sound and Masons Jar of Jam. Chuck is a retired 25 year military vet and retired 20 year police vet and currently lives in Cedar City with his wife of over 30 years Sandra.