Six String Revolver is an American Hard Rock band based out of the red mountains of Hurricane Utah, with a mission to bring original Rock music back into fashion. The band is a musical montage of some of the best players in the Southern Utah music scene. This local Super Group features Raven Cain who has been on major recording labels and the subject for books, T.V., and educational films. He has released five albums and has had multiple songs go to #1 on the 365 music charts. He has been a touring musician and has opened up for world-famous acts such as Henry Rollins, LA Guns, Sevendust, Bullet Boys, and Ratt, to name but a few. He also won the country music showdown in 2014 on lead vocals. On Lead Guitar is Rich Robins who is a well known journeyman musician and a virtuoso, known for his technical playing and inspiring solos. On rhythm/lead guitar is Stu the Enigma who fills in the gaps with soulful rhythms and solos. Another legendary figure in the local music scene Chuck Triplett  known for his solid and melodic bass lines and energetic stage performance. On the drums the God of thunder himself and yet another local legend keeping it all  together. Dave Durfee, who has toured all over the world with famous acts such as including Iraq. To say this group puts on a wild and exciting show is a gross understatement.

The band originally came together as the brain child of singer and songwriter Raven Cain and drummer Dave Durfee. Raven discovered the talents of Rich Robins when working on a movie sound track. “I heard Rich play and I was blow away, .I knew from the first time I hear him play that we were going to put a band together”. Raven Says.  The same can be said about Bassist Chuck Triplett. Dave Durfee and Chuck Tripplet have been friends for years always wanting to play in a band together but some how the stars never alined, until now. “Everyone who sees Chuck play gets a special treat, he is not your average boring Bass Player’ Raven Says.  Lead Guitarist Rich Robins brought Stu the Enigma into the fold. This montage of misfits make up the energetic, charismatic, and extremely entertaining Six String Revolver.